Risk Management
Business risk management with the establishment of a structure that allows a systematic approach to identify risks, assess them and manage them. Risk Management is used in order to provide the company with an overview of the risks it may be facing as well as the way to anticipate and manage them and to obtain significant feedback on experience in terms of in-depth knowledge. of his own business.

In Risk Management, we include all possible risks (human, technological, IT, cyber, political, financial, reputational, social, societal, geographic).

In direct connection with Business Continuity and Resilience, cyber risks are dealt with upstream by training ICT users, securing IT and communications resources, then dealing with the crisis if a cyber attack occurs. It should be noted that in + 90% of cases, it is the human being who is the element that allowed the success of such an attack.

Therefore, human risks should not be neglected within a company, especially if it has not set up a BIA (Business Impact Analysis) and a BCM (Business Continuity Management). Managing your team well means anticipating the occurrence of difficulties impacting the sustainability of the company.
Business continuity and resilience
We are in the midst of a pandemic crisis and every company, every structure should have a Business Continuity Management / BCM - business continuity (before the crisis, during the crisis and after the crisis). To do this, we establish a Business Impact Analysis and a crisis management plan (who does what, when, how, with what means and in what time frame), in particular. This is the logical continuity of a business risk analysis.

How to keep a minimum profitability during a period of crisis and continue to produce are the central elements of business continuity.

In addition, as history has shown us, there is always an "after" that must also be anticipated and know how to manage it because manners change, priorities are different, consumption evolves and all these changes must have occurred. is analyzed beforehand.
Strategic and operational watch
Implementation of strategic and / or operational watches to ensure that you or your company have the potential to be informed at all times of "Fake News" information or false information that closely affects your area of expertise or your morality. Monitoring provides real-time information on what the competition is preparing, new products, prices and your reputational potential.

By the day before, we listen to all the flows of the web in order to always be present in the right place, at the right time.

Nowadays, everything goes through the Internet; all the facts and actions are almost reported / published in real time. Keyword calibration allows us to target exactly the person, group, product, area we want to monitor.

"Real time" is here defined by the instantaneousness of publication by people and not listening in real time in the strict sense which is a judicial measure under the Swiss criminal procedure code.

To know your enemy is to know yourself.
Morality investigation
Investigation into the solvency and e-reputation of a legal or natural person in order to provide you with useful information for decision-making, whether for an engagement, a dismissal, a company acquisition, a partnership, a divorce, and much more.

The search for fictitious companies in order to conceal significant income during various conflicts is included in this service.

Financial engineering is also included in our range of services directly linked to financial management but also to the survey. This is a tailor-made service with an investigator specializing in financial analysis.

In conclusion, a morality investigation is a situational radar of the entire private and public life of a person or business (its leaders, employees).

It is important to be able to have a general overview when we want to buy a company, become a shareholder, welcome an investor, hire a person or just be comfortable with our interlocutor.
Fight against fraud
IuRisk Management has extensive experience in the fight against insurance fraud (social, disability, loss of earnings, illness), as well as in the fight against tax fraud.

Our team is made up of specialized investigators who know how to combine field and legal theories at national and European level, in particular concerning the agreement signed between Switzerland and the EU, the AAF of October 26, 2004.

We can also define Fraud as a major threat of an advanced digital age, in addition to the frauds practiced since the dawn of time. Indeed, fraud is closely linked to the risk of computer and economic fraud.

Fraud represents a loss estimated at tens of millions of francs per year in Switzerland and it affects all sectors of activity, financial and non-financial. All businesses are thus affected by fraud, whether internal or external.

The majority of companies have been, at least once, since their inception, confronted with an attempted fraud in one of its many forms: president fraud, bogus supplier fraud, phishing, computer hacking, identity theft , cavalry or insurance fraud to name a few.
Fight against computer crime
The fight against computer crime is coupled with the fight against fraud and cybercrime.
However, it mainly revolves around frauds committed with the use of a technological means of communication (computer, smartphone, tablet, emails, WhatsApp, messages, social networks, etc.).
Fraud techniques evolve and become more sophisticated, favored by a constantly evolving environment: increasing volume of operations, rapid evolution of digital technologies, development of new products and services, multiplication of channels, democratization of social networks.
In times of crisis, the incentives for fraud are accentuated by the generalization of individual financial difficulties. This context also favors opportunities for fraud: embezzlement of funds collected following a call for donation (breach of trust), hacking of systems, “ransomware” and data leakage caused by use in the context of work at distance from unsecured third-party software which by definition is cybercrime.
Whether we are in the presence of a modus operandi to the "false President", "false supplier", "false nephews", these are criminal methods which allow their perpetrators an illegitimate enrichment through the use of ruse and deception.

Cyber Activities
IuRisk Management has developed in the research and collection of OSINT data but also in the field of cybersecurity, in the broad sense, which more broadly affects the technological era in which we are evolving and towards what we are aiming for with the news technologies, new means of communication and their vulnerabilities that engage the responsibility of the entrepreneur or the company.

The financial, reputational and legal consequences of poor IT security or ignorance of a potential partner are serious, if not disastrous. To do this, we are working mainly on two axes detailed below. It should be noted that our solutions and investigations fully comply with the various laws in force, in particular the Swiss Criminal Code, the current and revised Data Protection Act (LPD).

Cyber protection:
Due Diligence 
Security audit
Vulnerability searches
Securing the information systems of legal and natural persons in business or home office 
Protection against cyber attacks / Threat Intelligence
Awareness of the dangers of Internet 4.0 and 5.0 to come 
Setting up an action plan and securing
Cyber risk management - Risk Management continuity
Cyber intelligence:
Strategic and operational monitoring
OSINT research
COMINT research and exploitation
Data collection for decision-making and strategic intelligence
Know Your Customer 
Economic Intelligence / Business Intelligence
Audit and Consulting
IuRisk Management offers a range of services and can offer you more according to your needs and tailor-made.

A central element stands out in all our services, Human.

Indeed, you can have a secure computer system, the best anti-virus, a fraud detector which is not yet on sale but if you ignore your weak point or the weak link, your work, your structure, your efforts will be vain.

Humans are at the heart of all the flaws in the most efficient systems because they are human and can therefore inadvertently make mistakes as the adage says so well; "The error is human "

Opposite, we will not have human error but a human will to harm others in order to obtain good, money, an advantage. They are the criminals, they are your and our enemies, they are competition, they are your neighbor.

We audit companies to identify this "weak link" and provide adequate solutions to limit the damage.

This is a human security audit in order to provide human management solutions within your company because everything starts from this precise point.

Whether it is conflict management or security auditing, our team is able to provide you with solutions and / or recommendations adapted to your problem.

All our audits are carried out in complete confidentiality and in compliance with the law on data protection and the mandate given to us.

When we talk about e-reputation, we mean all the references made to a given name, a product, a company, a political party, to name a few. 
Indeed, we are working on the referencing and de-referencing of standard Google and other search results. 
We manage the e-reputation of companies, professionals, public and private figures.

We take care of all phases of online reputation management: 
Cleaning ; 
Improvement ;

We thus create content in Wikipedia pages, web pages, websites, discussions, blogs, YouTube channels and social networks. 
We monitor, analyze and act on real or false information (fake news) about you.
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